Wifi controlled Projector?

When I think about how to start a video projection system for the church in Africa then the 1st thing I would like to avoid is the touch. No touching of my equipment please. When they touch, it breaks. So how do we do this?


Well, in today’s world we have single-board-computers like the raspberry-pi for just $35. This is a very inexpensive platform to start with. It can connect strait into the HDMI port of the projector, GREAT! It actually can show video even-though that’s not what we are looking for. What we want is to project scripture & songs & slides of text for the sermon.

Before we have been using OpenSong, a great piece of software and it has helped us a lot for some good years. It reads the scriptures & songs from XML files. So that was my starting point.

I have been programming in php & mysql for some time now and I went to work trying to understand how to get the information from XML to php. I got the OpenSong bible going in one day! Good, but then what about their songs & sets? (OpenSong uses Sets in XML files to have a prepared ‘set’ of songs and slides and scriptures ready for the service) As I started reading those files, I found the songs a little un-logically put together and so I started to do some more Google-ling to find out if there are other formats used for lyrics. And surely I quickly landed on the OpenLyrics website. There I found a clear format that makes a lot of XML sense.

So there we are, that’s the way forward then…
Let me play a bit with that, then I’ll be back later 😉